DJ Elbe

DJ ELBE *elbardolux
Welcome at the tap of cultural wealth, drink, friends, drink!

For most people he is invisible, hidden in the mist of the big city: the Elb, the DJ Elbe. Searching for the lost fairy kingdom, for sounding worlds, in-between-worlds and Bardos.
The sun twinkles on the river like an old mirrorball, no, wait, it is the moon, or maybe both – is that possible?

DJ Elbe does yoga on LSD, immerses himself in the hammond and the sitar, blows dreambubbles into the air and shakes the fairydust out of his captains cap. he knows the aim,he is close, something holds and pulls him.

Not only holy laughter, not only spheric lofty sense, not only playful rhythm. it is also the enjoying, the dark temptation. That is his Bardo, an intermediate state de luxe. So hear new sounds from the world of the *elbardolux -endless, ambiguous, vibrating, as connected to Krautrock as to the life by river Ganges.

Him and his musical crew sail through streets mushroomically petrified, trailing behind a tail of fresh mountain air. always searching, sometimes illuminated. Asking if sniffing treeroots leads to ancient Elb-grounds or only to the neighbors doggie. this is the electrified sound of a truth in transition. Always relaxed but also taking off – and especially good for fucking.

Can you trust an Elbe captain like that? His crew did so on many a journey. On the bass Lothat Meid, Mäddi Tation on percussion, Jojo Büld on the keys. Songs developed, some spicy like space-cakes („frühlich“), some grooving like Austin Powers („kim xl“) and some free like a young summerday („mauswalk“).

*elbardolux, that means drifting fairyherbpushed upriver, savoring the playful moment in between the tides.
*elbardolux is dub-yoga for stiff people.

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